Top 3 best apps for Android (2018)

So hello everyone today we are here to represeant you guys some of the best available on android which helps you alot in your daily lifes and help you to save your time and your performance, so lets check them out.
  1. Google Opinion Rewards

     Get paid for quick Surveys!

 Do you need free money? Obviously everybody needs it so you should definitely download Google Opinion Rewards which will pay you money for some quick surveys. They are very short and pays well, you should consider downloading it

      2. Google Maps

        Helps you to locate different Places!

      Are you ever stuck in some place and can't find the way to get out? Obviously this happens sometimes when you are out of city or country. So you should download this app it will locate you anywhere you are. And give you shortest way to go to any place.


      3. Clean Master

        Cleans the space and free the RAM

Is your storage is getting full but don't know which files occupy how many space? You should download clean master and free you ROM and RAM from your Mobile and helps you to free your space for more apps and games and gives you some little boost by using its game booster tool for gaming. It may use little ram but works well.


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